Customer type definitions

If you’re unsure as to how we define each customer type, please check below.

First Time Buyer

Applicants who have not held a mortgage in the last three years (this includes UK and Non UK mortgages).

All applicants to the mortgage need to be First Time Buyers to qualify for First Time Buyer products/discounts.

Applicants who are capital-raising on a mortgage free (unencumbered) property must be classed as re-mortgage customers, regardless of the length of time they have been unencumbered. "First Time Buyer" should be used solely as a purchase transaction.


Home Mover (New Customers)

  • Applicants moving home and taking a loan on another property

Existing Nationwide Borrower Moving Home

  • An existing Nationwide borrower moving home and taking a new Nationwide loan on another property
  • For joint applicants, only one applicant needs to have an existing mortgage with Nationwide
  • An applicant who redeemed a Nationwide mortgage no more than one year ago and has not held another mortgage elsewhere in the interim

Existing Nationwide Borrower Moving Home and Porting

  • An existing Nationwide borrower moving home and porting their Nationwide loan to another property


  • Customers transferring their existing mortgage with another lender on their current residential property to Nationwide
  • Customers wishing to take out a new mortgage on a mortgage free residential property that they own

Rate Switch

An existing Nationwide borrower who is looking to complete a rate switch and is within 3 months from their existing product expiring; or an existing Nationwide borrower currently on a BMR, SMR or a Tracker product that does not have any ERC's.