Green Reward (house purchase)

If your client is purchasing an energy efficient property, they may be eligible for a Green Reward cashback of up to £500.

You don’t need to do anything as we’ll automatically check the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) register following completion and issue the cashback if the property qualifies*.

Features and benefits

Green Reward cashback:

  • is payable on both New Build and second-hand properties, provided they meet eligibility criteria
  • is in addition to any other cashback offers your client may be eligible for
  • will be payable within 4 weeks of completion, where eligible.


You can find details of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

To be eligible for the Green Reward cashback:

  • The property must have a SAP rating as follows:
    • Properties rated 86 to 91 - receive £250 Cashback
    • Properties rated 92 and above - receive £500 Cashback
  • The SAP rating must be listed on the government register within two weeks of completion of your client's mortgage.

The cashback will be paid into the bank account used to make the mortgage payments within four weeks of completion.

*Nationwide is not responsible for the registration or accuracy of the EPC.

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