Support with Decision in Principle (DIP) cases

Creating a DIP and keying information

If you want to create a Mortgage Illustration before the DIP in NFI Online, you can enter the data into the DIP process. This will save you having to key the data again. You'll be unable to produce a Mortgage Illustration prior to completing a DIP for additional borrowing (further advance) applications. You don’t have to create a Mortgage Illustration before a DIP.

You can get a DIP decision for your client even if your client hasn’t found a property yet, but this won’t include a decision on the property. And you’ll still need to enter the security details before you can proceed to Full Mortgage Application.

As long as a DIP decision hasn’t been obtained, you can revisit the DIP section and amend the property details. Where a DIP decision has been received and you’d like to change your clients address, this will need to be done via a new application.

It’s very important to ensure that the information you’ve keyed is accurate. If anything’s incorrect, you’ll be sent an underwriting request to make changes. This will delay your decision.

Once the DIP has been scored, you won’t be able to amend the current and previous address history, or applicant’s name. In this case, please contact us for further guidance.

DIP appeals after a decline

Please contact the following teams if you would like to appeal your decline decision.

  • Where your case has been declined due to affordability or criteria - contact your BDM.
  • DIP declined due to the property - complete the DIP Property Decline Appeal Form
  • The case has been submitted to FMA and the DIP has been declined - contact us

DIP case referred

If you get a message saying your case has been referred this means the case needs more investigation and will be reviewed by an underwriter. To find the latest time frames, check our current service levels.

There are a number of reasons why your case may be referred such as we might not be able to verify details for an existing customer. Or the applicant’s credit history may not be satisfactory etc. Please don't attach any documents at this stage as this may delay the decision.

You can also still reserve a product even if your case has been referred, but please be aware that any fees paid could be lost if the case can’t proceed. For more details, see our Fees and charges page.