Nationwide’s mortgage API

Here at Nationwide, we’re always looking for ways to help brokers place business simply and efficiently.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a mortgage Application Programming Interface (API) which allows Remortgage and New Purchase Decision in Principles (DIPs) to be created in third party platforms. 

The benefits of using Nationwide’s API

The customer data entered into your CRM platform will be transferred to the third-party platform. This means you don’t need to duplicate all the information. This makes it 10-15 minutes quicker to obtain a DIP and reduces keying errors.

You can also obtain DIP Certificates for New Purchases applications within third-party platforms.

Next steps after obtaining your API DIP  

  • The third party platform will provide a case reference and a link to NFI Online. Follow this link to pre-populate data into NFI Online.
  • Log into NFI Online and use the case reference to find the case.  
  • Proceed through DIP to get the decision and then continue to Full Mortgage Application (FMA).  

If the DIP result is Refer, you’ll need to wait until it's accepted to progress. 

For more information, check out our DIP refer page.

Third party platforms using our API

  • Twenty7Tec - Support can be found here
  • Smartr365 - Support can be found here
  • Acre - Support can be found here
  • Iress - Support can be found here

We are working to integrate with other third parties and this page will be updated with further details.

What you can submit through the API

We’re still developing our API, so the application types that can be submitted through these third party platforms are limited. You can review the below information to check whether your application can be submitted through the API.

Any applications that cannot be submitted through the API, can continue to be keyed via NFI Online.

Applications that can be done through API

Third Party Platform
Platform name
Lender Connect

CRM Platforms
The Hub
Midas Pro

Application type
New Purchase

Application stage
Product reservation
DIP reprocessing 
DIP certificates 

If you want to make changes to a DIP keyed on a platform that doesn't allow DIP reprocessing, you can still pre-populate the DIP into NFI Online and use the 'Change Data' function to make changes.

You will acquire standard Purchase and Remortgage DIPs within our API provided the case doesn’t have any of the features called out in the lists below.

Which application types can be submitted
Application Type
House purchase
Lending into retirement
Additional Mortgages/subsequent charges
Self employed
Contractors (subject to criteria)
Temporary contracts (subject to criteria)
More than one job
Housing Schemes
Non-standard ownership types
One or more applicant is not British or Irish
Applications keyed by an Administrator
Interest only & part and part
BFPO Address
Any applicant is retired
Properties without a street name
Porting 'like for like' or with repayment/interest only top up
Helping Hand
Deposit Unlock
Restricted Resale Price
Genuine Bargain Price
Not the ‘Owner Occupier’ of the security property

Existing Nationwide Borrower Moving Home

For existing customers moving home, like for like affordability is available as long as a valid Nationwide account number is provided. You can also obtain an API DIP decision for existing customers; however you'll be unable to pre-populate this DIP into NFI Online

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