Registering to place business with us

Registering for the first time

Step 1: To place business with Nationwide for Intermediaries, you first need to register your details on MTE – this’ll give you your User ID, Password and PIN.

Step 2: Two hours after you receive these, you can register on NFI Online. Full access to this service will take a further two working hours as we update our records.

Amending your existing registration details

  • Log in to NFI Online
  • Choose 'Manage my details'
  • Pick the option you need: 'Personal details', 'Company details' or 'Submission routes'

To update your mailing preferences, email address or contact details, use 'Personal details'.

To update the address printed on Mortgage Illustrations and Offers, choose 'Company details'.

Registering with more than one mortgage club or network

Log in to NFI Online and choose 'Manage my details'.

To amend your FCA/PRA number, you'll need to register a new account on MTE.