Existing Nationwide borrowers

Existing Nationwide Borrower Moving Home definition

  • An existing Nationwide borrower moving home and taking a new Nationwide mortgage on another property
  • For joint applicants, only one applicant needs to have an existing mortgage with Nationwide
  • An applicant who redeemed a Nationwide mortgage no more than one year ago and has not held another mortgage elsewhere in the interim

Existing Nationwide Borrower Moving Home and Porting definition

  • An existing Nationwide borrower moving home and porting their Nationwide loan to another property

It's important you refer to our current SLAs throughout your application.

For Existing Nationwide borrowers Moving Home where the LTV is over 85%, the following criteria will apply:

  • Maximum term of 40 years*
  • Houses/Bungalows only. No flats/maisonettes/coach house flats or coach houses
  • No New Build properties**
  • Maximum loan of £750k.

*Any DIP submitted before 21 January 2021 can be amended to increase the term above 25 years, however this will reprocess the application and may result in a referral to an underwriter, a request for additional information or the application being declined.

** A 'New Build' is a property built, converted or fully refurbished, within the last two years, which has never been sold. This includes properties that have been occupied, or rented out, but still in the ownership of the builder/developer. Properties that were built, converted or fully refurbished more than two years ago are not considered New Builds.

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If your client is an existing Nationwide mortgage customer and has a query about their mortgage, they can call us on 0345 730 20 11. Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday.