Solicitors and conveyancers

Our panel of solicitors

You can check Lender Exchange to see if your client’s solicitor is available on our panel.

Please remember:

  • Check the solicitor firms name and address is spelt correctly
  • Check if the solicitor firm has more than one address.

Mortgage Offers

In most cases, mortgage offers are issued electronically via Lender Exchange. For paper-based applications or remortgages with free legals, the offer will still be issued manually by post.

Change of solicitor

To change solicitors post-offer, please contact us on 0345 730 20 11 (this is for online applications only). For paper applications, you must complete a material change form.

The new solicitor will need to provide a letter or email confirming they're acting for the clients and can send this directly to Our processing team will then contact the old solicitor to confirm they're no longer acting for the clients and a revised mortgage offer will be issued.

If you need to provide the solicitor details as part of a change of product, you're able to do this through the 'Amend case' option. Please see the Amend Case page for more details.

Dual representation

It might be that your client's solicitor isn't on Nationwide's panel. If that’s the case, your client can either change their solicitor for one that’s on our panel, or the non-panel solicitor can be instructed to act for your client only. We’ll nominate a separate panel solicitor to act for Nationwide and all costs, including those charged by both solicitors must be met by your client. This is known as dual or separate representation.

If your client wants to continue and use this process, please call us on 0345 7302 011.

Member redemptions

If you’re client is redeeming a mortgage from funds not associated with the sale of their property (e.g. inheritance or a divorce settlement) and they’re subject to early repayment charges (ERCs), they can contact us directly for a bespoke calculation of the ERC. If you're a solicitor, please visit our solicitors page.