How to reserve a product before a rate change

In NFI Online you can reserve a product without needing to submit a full mortgage application.

If an offer is issued within 90 days of the original product reservation date, we’ll honour the rate you reserve. Even if rates subsequently change.

If an offer isn’t issued, you’ll have to choose a new product from the range available at that time.

How to reserve new business products


If we announce a rate change on Tuesday 31 May, with the changes taking effect from Wednesday 1 June, then products must be reserved through NFI Online by 8pm on Tuesday 31 May. Paper applications need to be postmarked Tuesday 31 May.

To reserve a product, start by creating or opening the case in NFI Online. Then complete a Decision in Principle (DIP), click on 'Reserve Product' and follow the prompts. Product confirmation can be viewed on the Case Home Screen at any time.

Page 16 of our keying guide shows you how to do this.

If a product fee is being paid upfront, please note that the product is not reserved until this fee has been paid.

Paper applications must be postmarked no later than the date withdrawals are announced. They must be posted to:

Northampton Service Centre (IPA)
Kings Park Road, Moulton Park

How to reserve rate switch products


Rate switch applications for products being withdrawn on Wednesday 1 June need to be fully submitted or emailed by 8pm on Tuesday 31 May.

For rate switch applications, these need to be fully submitted on NFI Online. Rate switch paper application exceptions must be emailed to

Page 16 of our keying guide shows you how to do this.

Useful tips 

    1. Check you have the correct product code or if you don’t know it already, you can use our product finder.

    2. Products can be changed during the application unless the product fee has been paid upfront. If the product fee has been paid upfront, a new application will be required.

    3. You can opt to pay all fees when you submit the Full Mortgage Application (FMA), including any product fees that may apply. It's important to note that the product can’t be reserved until the fees have been paid. 

    4. You must have completed a DIP before you can reserve a product. You can find instruction on how to create a DIP on page 11 of our keying guide

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