How to submit a case


You can't submit your own application via NFI Online, however your application can be submitted by another intermediary.

You can submit without advice via or you can call 0345 730 20 10 to arrange an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser.

All applications can be submitted via NFI Online.

For purchase applications - Where your client has, or will have on completion, only one mortgaged property, standard LTV limits will apply. Maximum 85% LTV will continue to apply if the client will own two or more mortgaged properties on completion and must be keyed as a Second Property application, even if the property being purchased will be your client’s main residence.

For Armed Forces purchase applications - This includes applications where armed forces personnel don't have a UK address and are looking to include a BFPO postcode. Where your client can't provide UK address history, the Ministry of Defence BFPO postcode that corresponds to their barracks can be keyed.

Amending a submitted case

For remortgage and new purchase applications, you can amend the following information for applications already submitted through the 'Amend case' option on NFI Online:

  • Purchase price
  • Loan amount
  • Deposit details
  • Product
  • Mortgage term
  • Bank Details
  • Porting loan selection(s)
  • The reason for additional borrowing on a remortgage application
  • Whether you're Porting or not (Existing Customer New Purchase only)

By amending one part of a case, you may be required to revisit another if the amendment has a material impact. Some amendments may trigger the system to process a new decision in principle. This may result in an additional footprint on your client(s) credit files, new proofs requested, new valuation requirement and a new product.

Whilst the case status is ‘Amend Case’, all processing will be paused.

There are reasons that may prevent you from amending a case within the 'amend case' option, which include but are not limited to:

  • The case has not been submitted
  • The mortgage offer has expired
  • The case is currently being edited by another user
  • The Certificate Of Title (COT) has already been received

Products can be changed during the application unless the product fee has been paid upfront. If the product fee has been paid upfront, a new application will be required.

Please make sure once the required amendments have been made, the case is resubmitted and the case status is no longer set to ‘Amend Case’, to ensure processing of the application resumes.

For post submission case amendments that can’t be done using 'Amend Case', please call us on 0345 730 20 11 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to make a material change to your application by choosing option 4, then option 1 and then option 2.

If you are still having difficulties, please complete a Material Change Form and attach to the application via NFI Online.

Cancelling a submitted case

If your application is a new purchase or remortgage, you can cancel the case through NFI Online. Once you're on 'Case Home', Click 'Amend Case' and follow the on screen guidance.

If your case is not a new purchase or remortgage and you wish to cancel the application, please contact us.

Change of property process

If, on behalf of your client, you need to replace details of one property with another during the application process, the original case will need to be cancelled and a new application submitted. The new application will require a new product reserved from the rates available at the time of re-application.

To arrange for the removal of the additional credit score, you can talk to one of our Technical Support Advisers via Broker Chat. It can take up to ten days for the request to be sent to the credit agencies, who will in turn take varying times to update their own records.

Please note when re-entering your client's details at the 'Create Case' stage, NFI Online will pick up that you've keyed a previous case for this client. If you select 'Add to Case', some of the details for this client will copy onto the new case, saving you time.

Paper based applications and paper DIP process

You can email us outstanding case information for paper based applications, and send requests for paper DIPs, to the following:

DIP applications received after 3pm will not be processed until the next business day. Please ensure you provide a ticket number for all applications or they'll be rejected.

To adhere to PCI-DSS requirements, card payment authorisation must not be submitted via email.

Paper applications and supporting information should be posted to

Nationwide Building Society (IPA)
Northampton Service Centre
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park

  • Products with no product fee will be reserved on receipt of the application form and a cheque or card payment authorisation for the non-refundable booking fee, if applicable. The application form must clearly indicate that a 'no fee' product has been chosen.
  • Products with a product fee will be reserved on receipt of the application form, a cheque or card payment authorisation for the non-refundable booking fee, if applicable, and the product fee.
  • Products where the product fee has been added to the loan will be reserved on receipt of the application form and a cheque or card payment authorisation for the non-refundable booking fee, if applicable. The application form must clearly indicate that the product fee should be added to the loan.
  • Applications received without a cheque or card payment authorisation for the non-refundable booking fee, if applicable, will be returned and no product will be reserved
  • Every application received which has critical data omitted which prevents a credit score being performed will be logged and you will receive a telephone call to try and obtain the missing information. If the information cannot be obtained immediately you will be notified that the application will be returned that day with a covering note confirming the reason why.

Click here to download any paper application forms required

What happens in the event of a rate change?

All paper applications can be emailed to to secure a rate. Fee payments will be taken separately over the telephone.

If key application information is outstanding which prevents the staff progressing the case to product reservation, the rate will not be secured.

In addition, all paper applications post marked with the date the rate withdrawal notification was received will be honoured if they are fully completed with a valid booking fee, if applicable, enclosed.

Intermediary application exceptions

Intermediaries can't complete a transfer of equity application. In these circumstances, your client should be directed to call 03457 30 20 10 to arrange an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser. 

Porting and rate switch exceptions

See our eligibility for porting or rate switch exceptions.

Porting exceptions Rate Switch exceptions

Additional borrowing (further advance) exceptions

See our eligibility for Additional borrowing (further advance) exceptions.

Additional borrowing (further advance) exceptions