DIP refer cases

Once you’ve submitted a Decision in Principle, if the decision is 'Refer', you should STOP and wait for a Subjective Accept. At this stage, your case hasn’t been underwritten

Submitting a Full Mortgage Application (FMA)

Once you’ve received a Subjective Accept, you can proceed and submit the FMA. If you continue to FMA before receiving a Subjective Accept, the valuation won’t be instructed until the case has been fully assessed and is deemed acceptable by our underwriters. This will mean your case will be delayed.

If you’ve received a Subjective Accept, and you need to make any changes to the initial DIP, this could change the application back to 'Refer'.

Underwriting cases

Your case will only be underwritten once you’ve submitted the FMA.

We need to underwrite some higher risk cases in more detail. For example, we may look at the ‘Year to Date’ figures when considering Bonus, Overtime and Commission.

To prevent delays for your clients, please see our ‘Five simple steps to a speedier decision’ by downloading a copy.

Rate changes

In NFI Online, you can reserve a product for 90 days and, even if rates change in this time, we’ll honour the rate that you reserved. 

Editing names and address history

If a DIP decision hasn’t been obtained, you can revisit the DIP section and amend the property details.

Once a DIP has been scored you'll be unable to amend the applicant's name, or their current and previous address history. Please contact Mortgage New Business on 0345 730 20 11 for further guidance. 

Some decline decisions will mean that a case can't be edited. If you're still having trouble editing the case, contact one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat.

Expired DIPs or declines

When the DIP is declined due to affordability or criteria, you can appeal by getting in touch with your BDM. If you need to appeal a decline that’s been submitted to FMA, please call our Mortgage New Business team.

If the DIP decision is ‘Decline’ due to affordability or criteria, you can change the original data to reprocess and therefore receive a new decision. For more details, read our keying Guide.

For an existing DIP that has expired, you'll have to start again and submit a new DIP, which will leave a new soft footprint on your client's credit record. 

When a DIP is declined due to the property, you can appeal the decision by completing the DIP Property Decline Appeal Form.

Saving you time

If your case is a DIP refer, please wait for a Subjective Accept before submitting the case to FMA and ensure the initial DIP data is keyed accurately. Please also upload all requested documents when you submit the case to FMA, as this will help to avoid any unnecessary delays during the application process.

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