New Build valuation information

Take a look at our New Build valuations video. Here, Head of New Build Andy Dean, and Chief Valuer Gary Epps offer valuable insight into the New Build valuation process and discuss how Nationwide support the sector.

We instruct our valuers to value all new properties (flats, houses and maisonettes) on an 'as new' basis.

New properties may include a New Build premium. Elements of the premium will diminish once a new property is occupied, while other benefits will remain and will enhance the property compared to certain second-hand houses. For example, a New Build property will still benefit from better energy efficiency, modern amenities and modern design.

We now have quicker timescales to carry out New Build valuations. We’ll use information from earlier site visits to value New Build houses which have suitable warranties and are of traditional construction, without the need to visit the site.

Once the valuation report is ready, we'll upload this to the document store. You'll then be able to find it on NFI Online by going to the case home screen, then clicking the 'Case Documents' tab.

Free standard valuations

We offer a free standard valuation on our products.

Valuation process

When visiting a new site, the Valuer will make an appointment via the sales team. Once on site the Valuer will request access to the property to be valued. If access is available, the property will be fully inspected as per the usual residential inspection methodology.

Additionally, the Valuer will request a copy of the fully completed UK Finance Disclosure Form from the sales team along with floor plans for the property and confirmation of the property’s position and surroundings within the development. The Valuer will also request details of comparable on-site sales transactions as part of the wider valuation process.

If access isn't available to the property due to build stage or health and safety reasons, the Valuer will nonetheless follow the remainder of the process above. If the Valuer hasn't previously attended that particular site, they'll inspect the show home to familiarise themselves with the quality of the build. In all cases, if the UK Finance Disclosure Form isn't available the Valuer will return a nil valuation to the lender until they've received this document.

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New Build site opening times

It’s important to keep opening times in mind when considering the turnaround of New Build valuations. Many developers close their on-site sales offices on a Tuesday and Wednesday so often it won't be possible to book valuations for those days. Additionally, it is relatively common for site sales teams to hold late opening days on a Thursday, meaning some sales offices may not open until early afternoon which may impact the booking of New Build valuations.

Speed up your applications

Here’s a quick checklist with useful things to remember when submitting a New Build case.

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Closed sites

Our site list shows sites that have reached their exposure limit and are closed to Nationwide lending.

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New Build criteria

View our New Build lending criteria before you submit a case.

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