Service Updates

The best service starts with great communication. So here, you can get an indication of how long it’ll take us to process your cases.

Please note: all timescales quoted in the table below are averages and can change daily depending on volumes.

Service levels* 
(last updated 14 June 2024)

Application Type
(non-refer cases)
Refer cases**
Average number of working days for initial assessment 3 days* 6 days*
DIP refer status reviewed within N/A 1 day*
Average number of working days for document processing 2 days*
Percentage of valuations booked and carried out within 10 working days
(Subject to access and application submitted correctly).
Valuation assessment (if required) once received by Nationwide 2 days*
Average number of working days from app to offer 12 days* 18 days*
Post offer assessment 3 days*

Average time to answer calls: New enquiries 1 minute 5 seconds
Average time to answer Broker Chat requests: New enquiries 2 minutes 40 seconds
Average time to answer calls on submitted cases 6 seconds

* These are measured in working days from the day after you submit your case or document. 

** All cases which receive an initial refer decision.

Case tracking

To track the progress of your application, login to NFI Online and select 'Case Tracking' for an instant update.

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