How to speed up applications 

Before you submit a New Build case, take a look at this checklist to ensure your application goes through as smoothly as possible:

Check our New Build site list to ensure we're able to lend on the property. The list shows sites that are over exposed or have been closed to Nationwide lending due to risk. Contact our New Build support team for further support.

✔ Have a look through our New Build lending criteria, including our lease terms and ground rent requirements.   

Make yourself familiar with our packaging support guide which details all proof requirements. Getting it right first time can help you receive a quicker offer.

Remember, please don’t send anything we haven’t asked for. For example, we don’t need you to provide proof of your client’s ID unless we have asked for it.

Check that the UK Finance Disclosure Form is fully completed and has been made available to the valuer upon inspection. The application will be delayed until this form is available to the valuer. Always check the lease commencement date, full address and ensure section 9.b or ground rent are fully completed (if applicable).

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Closed sites

Our site list shows sites that have reached their exposure limit and are closed to Nationwide lending.

View our closed site list

Dedicated support teams

We’ve got dedicated support teams on hand to answer your New Build queries.

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