Help to Buy: ISA

The Help to Buy ISA scheme is now closed, but we can still accept applications that include this as source of deposit.

The Help to Buy: ISA scheme would make a difference to your clients looking to buy their first home. It was designed to take advantage of the Help to Buy Scheme and to boost your client's savings towards a property purchase by 25%.

Final bonus will be dependent on both terms and conditions and eligibility criteria.

The Help to Buy: ISA could be used with other government schemes, including the Help to Buy - Equity Loan scheme and Shared Ownership.

Opening the account doesn't automatically entitle your client to a bonus. For full details of the Scheme Rules, please visit the Help to Buy: ISA website.

How Help to Buy: ISA works

When your client is ready to buy, their conveyancer will claim the bonus (25% of the closing balance) from the Scheme, to put towards their property purchase. The bonus is usually paid between exchange and completion. So for every £200 saved, the government will add £50.

  • the minimum bonus is £400 (on a minimum savings balance of £1,600)
  • the maximum is £3,000 (on a savings balance of £12,000).

For shared or joint ownership properties the purchase price means the full sale price of the property, not just the cost of the initial share being bought.

How to key

Help to Buy: ISA must be keyed as savings when submitting applications on NFI Online. Don’t select 'Help to Buy' under 'External scheme' upon application unless your client is participating in the Help to Buy - Equity Share scheme.

Your clients' Help to Buy: ISA closing statement may be required as proof of deposit to us and they'll need to provide a copy to their solicitor who will then apply to the Scheme Administrator for the bonus. The bonus will be sent directly to the solicitor.

Help to Buy: ISA FAQs