Mortgage Trading Exchange (MTE)

You can log in MTE for new cases, Mortgage Illustrations, DIPs, FMAs and case tracking.

Need to contact us?

If you've forgotten your user ID, password or PIN, you can request for it to be reset by completing the Mortgage Brain Contact Form.

You can also contact eSupport if you think there’s been a processing error. They will review the details of the case and let you know what you need to do next.

Need to register for MTE access?

If you already have a login for the MTE system then there is no need to register again, if you don't have a login then simply follow the steps below:

If you’re experiencing any trouble registering with MTE, contact the MTE Helpdesk on 0871 384 0055.

If you’ve already got access to MTE and want to register with a different mortgage club or network, sign into NFI Online and select ‘manage my details’. You can add or delete a mortgage club or network by selecting the ‘Submission routes’ tab. Our Registration team may contact you for additional information.

How to submit cases

Please note: you can only submit your own mortgage application via Nationwide directly. Alternatively, your application can be submitted by another intermediary.

You can submit without advice via or you can call 03457 30 20 10 to arrange an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser.

Cases should be submitted electronically whenever possible, but there are some exceptions.

Click here for a list of cases that require paper applications

Once you submit a case in MTE, you won't be able to amend the case within MTE. However, you can use the 'Amend Case' option by logging in via NFI Online.

You can track a case in MTE after you’ve completed the ‘Send & Track’ page. On this page, you’ll see a number of tabs that display the current case status, case history, outstanding requirements and documents generated by the system.

When the offer is available, you’ll receive an email notification. To view the offer within MTE, track the case and then view the responses page where you’ll see a tab labelled ‘offer’. From here you can view and/or print your copy.

Scan and Attach

You can attach PDF, TIF or JPEG files. The maximum file size we can accept is nine megabytes. If the file is larger than this, please split the document into smaller files and submit each part individually. Read our Scanned documents page to understand how a scanning app could help save you some time.

If a statement’s been requested as a case requirement and your client’s bank with Nationwide, rather than waiting for their statement(s), simply complete the Notification for Mortgage New Business form and then ‘Scan and Attach’ to clear the requirement.

Making changes to your details

For more information on how to register or how to make changes to your existing registration details, please visit our Register page.

Getting a Decision in Principle

Once you’ve submitted a Decision in Principle, if the decision is 'Refer', at this stage you should STOP and wait for a Subjective Accept. If you continue to a full mortgage application before receiving a Subjective Accept, the valuation won’t be instructed until the case has been fully assessed and is deemed acceptable by our underwriters. This will mean your case will be delayed.

Once you’ve received a Subjective Accept, if you need to make any changes to the initial DIP, this could change the application back to 'Refer'. So, it’s important that you wait for the decision to be changed back to Subjective Accept before submitting the case to FMA.

We need to underwrite some cases in more detail. To prevent delays for your clients, please read our key information on the DIP refer case page.

Once a full underwriting decision has been made, you’ll be notified of the decision via MTE > Case home > DIP. Your decision outcome will either be a ‘subjective accept’ or ‘subjective decline’. If the outcome of the referral is a ‘subjective accept’ then you can proceed to full mortgage application.

If you want to create a Mortgage Illustration before the DIP in MTE, you can promote the Mortgage Illustration data into the DIP process which will save you having to key the data again. Once a decision’s obtained, the submission route is locked. If you want to change the route, you’ll need to start over (but remember that a second DIP could impact the decision and your client’s credit rating).

You can reserve a product even though your case has been referred.

Need to know more?

User IDs can’t be shared as the user ID is unique to the individual person, not the machine or company. Credit for the business and procuration fee payments are based on individual user IDs.

You’ll need to be connected to the internet to ‘Send & Track’ the forms although all the forms can be completed, saved and validated offline. Clicking on the ‘close form’ icon at the top of your screen presents the option to save and validate your form to complete at a later date.

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Users of adapted versions of MTE may have slightly different functionality.