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If you're having trouble keying your application, please check the information below which may provide the answer to your query. 

Top tips

  • Please key your application using our recommended compatible browsers which are: Internet Explorer 10/11, Google Chrome and Edge.
  • Ensure you’ve completed the ‘Property Details’ and ‘Annual Property Outgoings’ within the ‘DIP’ section, as you won't be able to proceed to ‘FMA’ until these details have been filled in.
  • When keying income, please ensure you've keyed the correct amount for the frequency. For example, if your client is paid a monthly commission amount, please work out the average of the last three months and key this, selecting the frequency as monthly. View our income criteria page for more information.

Got a query we’ve not covered?

  • For pre-application queries, talk to us using Broker Chat
  • For post-application queries, updates or changes to your application call us on 0345 730 20 11.

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