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What mortgage options are open to your clients?

Please ensure you refer to the current lending LTVs as borrowing limits and restrictions may apply. Products may not always be available up to the maximum LTV or loan amounts displayed below.

Equity Share applications are only accepted from first time buyers (please refer to the Home Buyer New £99 fee products for Equity Share applications).

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Historic products

You can now view older products should you need to. Simply click here to download historic product guides for products valid 18 June 2013 - 23 June 2014.

Important Information

*Maximum LTV.

Products where the cost of a standard valuation is covered by Nationwide.

Products where the cost of the standard legal fees are covered by Nationwide (using a Nationwide Conveyancer) and where the cost of a standard valuation is covered by Nationwide.

Nationwide offers a £250 cashback alternative if customers choose not to use our free legal service.

Nationwide will pay the legal fees in connection with a straight-forward remortgage of registered land. However, your client will need to pay all charges or fees relating to any non-standard work that a conveyancer carries out.

If the customer decides not to use the included legal service after reserving their product they must reserve a different product.

Key terms

  • Overall cost refers to overall cost for comparison

At the end of the deal period all fixed and tracker rate mortgages will revert back to our fully flexible Standard Mortgage Rate (SMR) mortgage - currently 3.99% (variable). The SMR has no upper limit or cap.

Fixed rates and tracker rates are limited offers and can be withdrawn at any time. The actual rate available will depend upon your client's circumstances.

Booking Fees

Refer to Product Reservation and Booking page for information on Booking fees.

Product Fees

Refer to Product Reservation and Booking page for information on Booking fees.

Please check the product information for details of the booking fee applicable to each product.

Should your client need to change their property post submission of their full mortgage application, then a new application will be required. This will require payment of a new booking fee and a new product reserved from the rates available at the time of re-application. Refund of your client’s first booking fee will be arranged once you notify us that you have submitted their new application. Valuation fees will also be refunded unless a valuation has already taken place, in which event a further valuation fee will need to be paid. Please note that fee refunds can take up to 2 weeks. Click here for more information on our change of property process.

Borrowing Limits

Borrowing limits apply, including:

Maximum loan size refers to the aggregate of all loans. Subject to criteria.

Tracker Rates

Tracker mortgages are linked to the Bank of England Base Rate (BBR). Each time the BBR changes, your client's rate will change in time for their next payment (within 30 days). Tracker mortgages allow your clients to take advantage of current low interest rates and are available over a range of mortgage terms.

If the Bank of England Base rate is 0.00% or less during the tracker period, the rate your client pays will be 0.00% plus the agreed set percentage above the Bank of England base rate. This means that the rate your client pays will never go below 0.00% plus the additional percentage rate of their tracker mortgage. This is known as the tracker floor.

Switch and Fix

All of our tracker products offer a Switch and Fix option - the ability to switch to one of our available fixed rate products from our Switch and Fix range at any time without paying an early repayment charge. The only fee payable is the product fee on the fixed rate product (if applicable). Conditions apply.

Fixed rates

Fixed rates are a great way to help your client budget their payments and stay in control. Borrowers know exactly what their mortgage will cost every month.

  • Fix your client's interest rate for a range of deal periods e.g. 2, 3 or 5 years
  • Available with or without a product fee (non-refundable at completion)

Product Fees

Product fees (non-refundable at completion) can be paid on application or can be added to the loan. If the fee is added to the loan, interest will be charged on it during the term of the mortgage.

Rates correct as of 24 June 2014.