Product Highlights

  • 3.89% Home Buyer New:
    2 Year Fixed
    £999 Product fee 90% LTV, 2.0% ERC
  • 3.44% First Time Buyer:
    5 Year Fixed
    £499 Product fee 75% LTV, 4.0% ERC
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Latest Service Levels

  • Average time to answer calls

    Sales Support: 37 Secs
    Service centre: 24 Secs

  • Application to offer

    Average time from app to offer:
    9 days

  • Documentation

    Processing documents received:
    16 September

Latest News

Making it easier to do business

We've reviewed the affordability calculator. From Wednesday 11 September, we'll refine some of the areas relating to outgoings, to ensure we continue to deliver the right outcomes for your clients and help them to secure the right mortgage.

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