Product Highlights

  • 4.19% Home Buyer New:
    2 Year Fixed
    £999 Product fee 90% LTV, 2.0% ERC
  • 3.64% First Time Buyer:
    5 Year Fixed
    £499 Product fee 75% LTV, 4.0% ERC
  • 4.59% First Time Buyer:
    3 Year Fixed
    £499 Product fee 90% LTV, 3.0% ERC
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Latest Service Levels

  • Average time to answer calls

    Sales Support:2 Mins
    Service centre: 36 Secs

  • Application to offer

    Average time from app to offer:
    8 days

  • Documentation

    Processing documents received:
    19 July

Latest News

Changes to our affordability calculation

The Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee has announced that lenders should apply a stressed rate which assumes a growth in the base rate of 3%. Accompanying this, caps have been announced on lending at income multiples greater than 4.5 x gross income.

As a result of this announcement, we'll be making some changes to our affordability calculation, which means you may receive a different affordability result than you've come to expect.

From tomorrow Tuesday 22 July, our calculators will be updated to reflect the following changes:

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