Product reservation and booking fee

We offer a range of fixed and tracker rate products, including a selection without a product fee. Our Product finder details our full range of mortgage products.

Booking fee

A non-refundable* booking fee may apply when reserving products including those without a product fee.

  • Booking fees can't be added to the loan and must be paid at product reservation if applicable
  • Please check the Product finder for details of the booking fee applicable
  • When submitting a full mortgage application on NFI Online or MTE, if the booking fee is applicable and hasn’t already been paid it must be paid at this point
  • If applicable, paper applications received without a booking fee will be returned or cancelled and no product will be reserved

*If your client needs to change their property after submitting their full mortgage application, then a new application will be required.

  • A new booking fee, if applicable, will need to be paid and a new product reserved from the rates available at the time of re-application
  • If applicable, a refund of your client’s first booking fee will be arranged once you notify us that you’ve submitted their new application
  • Valuation fees will also be refunded unless a valuation has already taken place, in which case a further valuation fee will need to be paid
  • Your client should allow up to 2 weeks for any refunds to be paid

With product fee

Your client can pay the product fee when they apply. Alternatively the fee can be added to the loan, but the total of the loan and the fee mustn’t exceed the client’s affordable amount.

  • If the fee is added to the loan, your client will be charged interest on it during the term of the loan
  • Once your client has committed to either paying the product fee upfront, or adding it to the loan, this can’t be changed
  • If your client is paying the fee upfront, this must be with the application. Once we receive the application and the booking fee, if applicable, the product will be reserved for your client, even if the chosen product later changes or is withdrawn
  • Your client will have 90 days from the day after product reservation to complete the application process and be in receipt of an offer. The product fee is non-refundable at completion

NB: For mortgages reserved on or before 4 March 2010 the product fee was known as a reservation fee.

Without product fee

We offer a range of mortgages that don’t have a product fee.

  • If your client chooses the no product fee option they will pay a higher rate of interest over the deal period
  • Your client will have 90 days from the day after product reservation to complete the application process and be in receipt of an offer