Case updates - top tips

We’re currently experiencing high volumes of calls, which may mean it takes us longer to answer your call. We’re really sorry. But rest assured, this doesn't affect our application processing times.

Here’s some top tips to remember once you’ve submitted your application, which may save you a phone call.

The process

  • Once we’ve received all the case requirements, we’ll aim to complete the basic checks on documents within two working days of receipt, and assess them within four working days. You can check our current service levels here.
  • Valuations will be instructed on day one, unless notes have been added to the case, which will prevent the valuation from being instructed until case assessment.

Please don’t call for a case update within the first four working days after submission. If we need anything, we'll contact you. You can track the progress of the application on NFI Online.

Valuation updates

  • You can check if a valuation’s been instructed on NFI Online. Go to the Case Home screen, then click the Case History tab. (This is the instruction date, rather than the date of the valuation.)
  • If you/your client has opted in to text alerts, we’ll send a text to confirm the valuation date once it’s been booked.

Case requirements

  • Ensure you upload all the case requirements as quickly as possible. For more tips on packaging, read our support guide.
  • Please don’t send proofs we haven’t requested as it could delay your application. We don’t need you to provide proof of your applicants’ ID unless we have asked for it.
  • You can check if there are any outstanding case requirements on NFI Online. Go to the Case Home screen, then click the Outstanding Case Requirements tab.
  • You can also check if a case requirement has been received. The requirement will disappear from the Outstanding Case Requirements tab and instead appear under the Case Documents tab.
  • You can check our current service levels here.