Application tips straight from our BDMs

Time is precious, and the last thing it should be wasted on is a delayed application. Here at NFI, we are on a mission to help you offer the best possible client experience. So, with this in mind, we reached out to our BDMs to come up with their best time saving tips, which we’re now passing onto you.

Attention to detail

Some tips seem simple, but if implemented can make a huge impact on the processing time of your application, Jane Gawthorpe, BDM for Sheffield, said:

“I know answering the question sounds obvious but NFI Online asks income based questions which vary from monthly to annually. It’s easy to slip up and worth paying extra attention to the question”.

Philip Hey, BDM for Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester, said this can often happen with the incorrect keying of overtime.

“Remember to key correct overtime and frequency - sometimes the annual figure is keyed as monthly which distorts the affordability”.

Providing proofs

It’s not just the application that can cause delays, it’s the proofs that are included with it. Darren Cunliffe, BDM for Manchester, Stoke and Staffordshire said:

“Remember to only upload documents we request. Anything else will delay the process and may not be needed.”

Melanie Merchant, BDM for West and Central London, also suggested that it’s best to upload all required proofs as soon as possible and, if you can, at the same time:

“Don't forget to upload all documents as soon as possible. This will help avoid delays in the case being vetted and passed to underwriting. Drip feeding information delays the process so it's good to try and upload all documents at once too”.

Download our Packaging Support Guide for more tips about submitting proofs. 

Making sense of payslips

 Delays concerning payslips can be avoided by following this advice from Jayne Lawrence, BDM for South and East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire:

“When NFI Online asks for the ‘latest payslip’ please just send us one payslip, even if it's for weekly pay. Providing this will usually satisfy that requirement.”

If you have a case where maternity pay is included on a payslip, Jayne also offers this time saving tip: 

“If you spot maternity pay on a payslip, please also obtain the payslip prior to going on parental leave or a return to work letter addressed to the client from their employer. This will always be required, and you might be able to get your offer more quickly by providing it upfront.”

Download our guide to our payslip requirements for more hints and tips.

Need some more advice?

For any advice on applications, don’t hesitate to contact your BDM directly. If you’re unsure of who that is you can use our BDM Finder. You can also use Broker Chat to speak to one of our experienced  Business Development Advisers concerning any pre-application queries.