Attach JPEGs and files up to 9MB in NFI Online

Your feedback continues to help shape the improvements we make to our products and services. And as a result, earlier this week we made further enhancements to NFI Online, making it easier to do business with us.

  • We've increased the file upload size limit to 9MB, reducing the need for you to split documents into multiple parts. So, if a proof has multiple pages you can now upload this as one attachment rather than individual files, if it's 9MB or less.
  • We've added support for JPEG attachments alongside PDF and TIF files, meaning you can now send us pictures taken with your phone.

Don't forget, there's no need for you to certify any documents and we don't need you to see the originals (except for identification and proof of address).

And remember, to save valuable time for you and your clients, please don't send proofs we haven't requested as it could delay your application.

For step by step instructions on how to do this log into NFI Online and click the ‘Attach Documents’ link from the ‘Case Home’ page.