Broker support profile: Jayne Matthews, BDM

Jayne provides insight into the role of a BDM at Nationwide and tells us how she helps to support you and your clients' applications.

How long have you been a BDM and what attracted you to this job?

I’ve been a BDM for the past 12 years, but I previously worked within financial services at a bank for 18 years. I always favoured the mortgage side of the business and the BDM role gave me the opportunity to stay within this field but support a much larger and more varied market.

What area do you cover and how many advisers and broker firms do you cover in your role?

I cover South West Wales (SA and CF post codes). Presently, I look after 226 firms and a total of 358 advisers for both Nationwide and The Mortgage Works.

What’s the secret to being a good BDM?

I think the key to being a good BDM is a strong, trusting and honest relationship with your advisers, being responsive via telephone and email, delivering on your promises and keeping everyone constantly updated.

What’s a common misconception about your job?

There are two misconceptions regarding the role. The first is that I’m only here to help with complaints and problems. Yes, I’m always happy to support advisers when they have a difficult situation, however, this isn’t the only part of my job.

The second misconception is what other areas the Business Development role covers. I can discuss and shape cases prior to submission, help develop new advisers and support existing ones, ensure changes to policy and the market in general are well understood, and I always look at ways to add value to my advisers’ business.

What do you think we offer currently that is most useful to brokers and why?

There are many things we offer that are useful for brokers. NFI Online is an excellent system that’s easy to use. There are various lines of support for our brokers such as the NFI website, Broker Chat, a large team of BDMs and telephone BDMs, as well as experienced broker support advisers on the phones.

Our policy is varied and flexible and we look to support a range of different housing schemes such as Help to Buy, Equity Share Loans, Shared Ownership and Genuine Bargain Price (Concessionary Purchases). Also, for New Build cases we accept builder’s gifts and other incentives on standard purchases.

What sort of challenges are you able to support brokers with?

When a case involves bereavement, it’s always more of a challenge as we need to ensure that the situation is dealt with swiftly and sympathetically.

I recently had a case where a families’ initial application was submitted and offered within a short period of time. During the process however, the family suffered a loss and the husband became a widower. After speaking in depth with the adviser, the husband still wanted to proceed with the purchase.

The case was re-keyed by the broker and from there I ensured all documents were transferred over. The case was then referred to a senior processor and even though further documents were required at that time, we took the view that we wouldn’t request them as they would not impact on the case. The application was assessed and offered without a further valuation within 48 hours.

This meant, that at a very difficult time in his life, the client was re-assured we were there for him to make at least one process much easier and take the stress away from the application. Throughout the process the adviser was kept up to date and was very pleased with how we’d helped his client.

What’s a common issue for you and your brokers at the moment?

Changes in regulation can cause unrest within the adviser community. Ensuring that I understand all the implications to any changes means I can confidently discuss the changes during phone calls and meetings. This helps me to provide reassurance when everything is being done correctly and enables me to give guidance if further training is needed.

What’s your top tip that’ll help speed up an application?

Packaging is key to a case being dealt with swiftly and correctly. We only ask for the documents we require and it’s important these are supplied in the correct format, within a timely manner. As we don’t assess the case until all documents are received, it’s important these are submitted on day one of the application.

As a top tip, I would always advise that if you’re unsure about anything, contact your BDM prior to submission of the case to avoid issues further down the line.

What’s the most interesting question a broker has ever asked you?

On a personal note, being a Welsh girl, I’m often asked if I’m related to or know random people. Just because they live in Wales doesn’t mean I will know them all (the sad thing is I often do!).

And finally, if you’re unavailable, what’s do you recommend your brokers to do?

If I’m unavailable, there are various options to my advisers, all of which are detailed on my voicemail and my out of office. We have Broker Chat where advisers can contact experienced staff via the websites for real time criteria queries. And if the query is more in depth they have access to our Dedicated Broker Support advisers by phone.