Shared Ownership

We accept mortgage applications on a shared ownership basis and the minimum initial share purchased by the applicant we will accept is 25%. The shared ownership rental amount must be included in the affordability calculation as an outgoing when submitting the case.

The applicant's solicitor/conveyancer must confirm to us that the shared ownership lease meets our requirements. Instructions and guidance for conveyancers is held in 'Low Cost Home Ownership/Special Schemes' pdf under the 'Other' section of the Forms and downloads for Lawyers page on

For information about maximum LTV limits please see our loan size and maximum LTV criteria, as conditions apply.

Builder cashbacks are acceptable on Shared Ownership applications, subject to the current builder cashback rules.

If additional borrowing is required, it can only be considered for the following loan purposes:

  • Structural home improvements
  • Non-structural home improvements
  • Buy additional share (staircasing)
  • Buy final share (staircasing)
  • Buy out partner’s interest (non-borrower)

Additional borrowing for debt consolidation is not permitted.

Keying Remortgage Cases

When keying a remortgage application for a Shared Ownership property (including those that require additional borrowing to purchase an additional share or the final share), select ownership type ‘Shared Ownership’ for all cases.

In the Loan Requirements screen, enter the applicant’s estimated current condition value of the share that will be owned on completion, calculated using the percentage share they will own (including any new share now being purchased) against their estimated open market value, and the applicant’s estimated open market value in current condition. MSO uses these values to calculate the percentage share that will be owned.