Introducing our improved mortgage application process

We're improving the way we assess mortgage applications

From Thursday 26 October, we're improving the way we assess mortgage applications by moving away from task based assessments to a new case management process.

We're constantly listening to your feedback and looking to improve the service we provide, and have been trialling this new process for a number of months. We're confident our new approach will ensure your applications are processed in the most effective way, helping your clients to receive a quicker offer.

Please note, this update will affect cases that receive their first DIP on or after Wednesday 25 October 2017.

What are the benefits of the new process?

We're happy to tell you about the key improvements you can expect to see:

  • We've empowered our people to make decisions earlier in the application process, which has reduced the number of different people who handle a case, and reduced the number of inbound telephone calls per case by over a third.
  • On average, cases are getting to offer up to two days faster and our customer satisfaction score for cases processed via this new approach has improved by over 10%*.
  • More applications are being accepted first time and less documentation is needed upfront and being re-requested, with the average number of proofs required per case reduced to three.

We've also made improvements to our DIP refer process, meaning we'll review your client's DIP refer decision within 48 hours of submission, with or without proofs, to provide either a subjective 'accept' or 'decline' decision. If further information is needed, the underwriter may ask to see proofs before a decision can be given.

*Based on Customer Satisfaction Tracker scores September 2016 - September 2017

What do I need to do differently?

The way you submit applications and your client's proofs isn't changing but our new approach means we'll only be able to start working on your application once all proofs have been submitted.

So, to help us assess your cases as quickly as possible, please make sure all required proofs are uploaded when you submit the application.

Remember - Please don't send proofs we haven't requested as it could delay your application.

For more information, you can download our Packaging guide below or check our lending criteria.

Download the latest packaging guide

Pipeline cases

Any pipeline cases that received their first Decision in Principle (DIP) on or before Tuesday 24 October 2017 will be processed in the current way.