MMR: Online enhancements

To support you post MMR, we’re making some enhancements to our online application systems. From Monday 14 April, instead of submitting certain application types via a paper application process, you’ll be able to submit them online.

So we can make these changes, NFI Online and NFI MTE will be unavailable from 8pm Friday 11 April until 8am Monday 14 April.

New online application types

From 14 April, you’ll be able to submit the following types of application online via NFI Online and NFI MTE:

  • NewBuy and MI New Home new build applications.
  • Non-EEA foreign nationals without indefinite permission to remain in the UK.

Previously these applications had to be submitted via a paper application process.

The improvements above follow those we made on 12 March which enabled loans above £1m to be submitted online.

Portable products and paper application forms

We’re working hard to bring applications to port existing products online later this year. We’ll keep you posted, but until then please continue to submit these cases on a paper application form.

Our paper application forms will be updated ready for MMR and from 14 April we’ll be unable to accept out of date forms. So from this date please download and submit the latest version from the literature page of our website so we don’t have to return your case.

NFI Online and NFI MTE downtime

To implement our system enhancements NFI Online and NFI MTE will be unavailable from 8pm Friday 11 April until 8am Monday 14 April. Please remember any Decision in Principle not progressed to full mortgage application by 8pm on Friday 11 April will need to be reprocessed and reassessed under MMR regulations.

You can read our previous ‘Helping you prepare for MMR’ communication for a reminder on how pipeline applications could be affected post MMR, along with some top tips on how you can ensure your client's affordability is as accurate as possible before submitting their application.

On Your Side with MMR

To help you fully prepare and make the most of our post MMR online improvements, you can find the following on our MMR website page:

  • ‘How to submit a case’ table - which clearly outlines the applications you’ll be able to submit online from 14 April.
  • Previous MMR communications - including information on responsible lending and the few additional questions we’ll be asking when you submit your client's application.

Whilst this is the last MMR communication we’ll be sending before 14 April, we’re committed to giving you the continued support you need now and post MMR to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for you and your clients.

So if there’s anything else we can do to support you please contact your local BDM or Regional Sales Support team. And don’t forget you can also find key information on our dedicated MMR website page.