Improved Call Options for Nationwide New Business

From tomorrow, Wednesday 17 July, when calling Nationwide New Business on 0845 609 3421 you’ll find that we have updated our options, this will ensure your call is routed through to the right person to help with your enquiry and with minimal delay.

As an added benefit, it will reduce the number of options down to 3 (see below) and will really improve your experience.

  • Option 1 - fax and address details

  • Option 2 - for NFI Online / NFI MTE cases

  • Option 3 - for Paper cases

For options 2 and 3; these further break down in to:

  • Option 1 - If you have received your welcome pack and have a query regarding this

  • Option 2 - Require an update for your case, providing additional information, confirming receipt of documents

  • Option 3 - Any other queries, including the payment of fees

For full details see our Contact us page