Supporting MI New Home and NewBuy

From Wednesday 12 September, we will start to accept applications under the MI New Home scheme.

MI New Home is the Scottish Government's equivalent of the NewBuy scheme, and could help your client buy a new build house or flat with a mortgage up to 95% LTV.

As per the NewBuy scheme, we will initially only accept MI New Home cases from customers who have applied through an intermediary.

The same products will be available to support both schemes; these are highlighted on the right, or you can download our latest product guide to see our full range of products.

To help you decide if your client is eligible for MI New Home and NewBuy, our website has all the information you'll need, including:

  • Nationwide's lending criteria
  • Nationwide's list of acceptable Builders and Developers
  • Details on how and where to submit your DIPs and applications.

With your professional advice, and our range of low deposit mortgages, we can help your clients move with MI New Home and NewBuy.