Criteria Change: Loans above 50% LTV

With effect from Wednesday 21 March 2012, we will be amending our criteria for all new lending as follows:

  • Interest Only and Part Repayment applications will be limited to a maximum LTV of 50%

  • Applications which exceed 50% LTV will only be considered on a Repayment basis.

There are no further changes to our rates or products.

To reserve existing products
You can reserve products through NFI Online or NFI MTE until 5.00pm today (20 March 2012).

Paper applications must be faxed to 01604 856 005 before 5.00pm, or posted to the address below with a postmark of no later than 20 March 2012. Applications must have a valid form of payment for the booking fee.

Glasgow Service Centre
2nd Floor, 1 Royal Bank Place
Glasgow, G1 3AA

Help and support
If you've got a question about this change, your can phone our dedicated Sales Support team on 0845 601 0763 or contact your BDM.