Changes to our product range

New product range with effect from 16 November

With effect from Wednesday 16 November 2011, we'll be revising our product range. Products from the new range will include:

  • 2 year fixed from 2.89% up to 70% LTV
  • 3 year fixed from 3.09% up to 70% LTV
  • 5 year fixed from 4.49% up to 85% LTV
  • 2 year trackers from 2.64% up to 70% LTV

We've highlighted some of our most competitive products on the right hand side. To see the full range please download our updated product guide.

To reserve existing products
You can reserve products through NFI Online or via MTE until 5pm today (15 November 2011).

Paper applications for the current products must reach the service centres by 5pm today (15 November 2011) and have a valid form of payment for the booking fee.

Paper applications should be faxed to 01604 852 879.

Please be aware that product reservations made after 5pm or not including a valid booking fee will be returned or cancelled and no product will be reserved.