Changes for New Builds

Changes to our valuation policy

From 7 November 2011, we will change the way we value new build houses and flats.

New build houses and flats are currently valued on a resale basis; we're changing our policy to value new build houses and flats on an 'as new' basis.

This reflects recent changes in the market, including the benefits brought about by the greater disclosure of incentives. We believe it's important that lenders and builders focus on the challenge of housing issues, and help move the housing market forward with a consistent approach to valuations.

Our maximum LTV limit is 85% for new build houses and 75% for new build flats.

We hope that this change will improve the NFI experience for both you and your clients.

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If you've got any queries about this change you can contact our dedicated Sales Support team on 0845 601 0763.