Business purpose loans

Withdrawal of lending on loans for business purposes

We're emailing to let you know that with effect from 16 September 2011 we will no longer accept applications for loans with a business purpose, or including business purposes as part of a multiple loan type application.

This applies to further advances, remortgages with additional borrowing and capital raising on a mortgage-free property.

Clients can still apply for capital raising against an existing owner occupied property to invest in another property, providing it is the applicant's only investment property.

If you have a client who would like to apply for this type of loan please select 'buy/land property separate from the security' as the loan purpose.

An updated version of our borrowing criteria will be available from the 16 September 2011.

To reserve existing products
Paper applications for the current products must reach the service centres by 5pm 15 September 2011, and have a valid form of payment for the booking fee.

Paper applications should be faxed to 01604 852 879.

Please be aware that product reservations made after 5pm or not including a valid booking fee will be returned or cancelled and no product will be reserved.

If you've submitted a case via NFI Online the DIP will need to be dated prior to 16 September 2011.

Contact us
If you've got any queries you can call our dedicated Sales Support team on 0845 601 0763.