NFI Online Top Tips.

Top tips to process your client's case quickly.

We wanted to share a few of our latest top tips with you to help process your client's case swiftly.

If you need further help then please see the FAQ page, or download our help guides.

As a responsible lender, Nationwide takes all dependants into account when calculating how much your client can borrow. To ensure your case is processed quickly, please ensure all dependants are included in the application. If additional dependants are discovered, the case will be re-processed and this is likely to affect the amount your client can borrow.

Shared Ownership Applications
Submitting this type of application as freehold will cause delays, please ensure that properties are entered as leasehold in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Types of Applications
Some application types can't be submitted via NFI Online or MTE. Prior to application please check how your clients case can be submitted by reading our quick 'how to submit a case' guide here.

For example. If your client is applying for an equity share loan, their application will have to be submitted by paper.

Who do I call if I have a case query?
For cases that are pre full mortgage application call:
0845 601 0763

Option 4- System support help
Option 5- DIP updates

For cases that are post full mortgage application call:
0845 609 3421

Option 1- For Intermediaries
Option 2- For NFI Online updates

If you have any other queries, please visit our NFI Online page or contact your BDM.