Lending limits increased & selected trackers repriced

We are pleased to announce that with effect from tomorrow, 30 March, we'll be increasing our lending limits as follows:

  • For cases up to 75% LTV, our maximum loan size will be increased to £2m
  • We will consider lending over £2m for cases up to 70% LTV subject to individual assessment
  • Limits above £1m will only apply to zero product fee options

In addition, we will be repricing our tracker product range as follows:

  • All home buyer & remortgage tracker rates increased by 0.30%
  • Selected additional borrowing tracker rates increased by 0.30%
  • There are no changes to our fixed rate products

For full details of our updated range, please download our updated product guide.

For all loans above £500k
Please continue to contact our large loan unit on 0845 602 7645 before submitting cases for loans over £500k.

Reserve existing products by 5pm today
You can reserve products through NFI Online or via MTE until 5pm on Tuesday 29 March 2011.

Paper applications for the current products must reach the Service Centres by 5pm on Tuesday 29 March 2011 and have a valid form of payment for the booking fee. Paper applications should be faxed to 01604 852 879.

Please be aware that product reservations made after 5pm or not including a valid booking fee will be returned or cancelled and no product will be reserved.

Contact details
For product and lending criteria information call:
0845 601 0763