Service Levels for February

At Nationwide For Intermediaries, the service we offer to intermediaries is our priority. As a result of our commitment, the average time from application to offer has been reduced to 14 days.

You can see our service figures below, and scroll down to see our other news and the latest Top Tip for NFI Online.

Average application to offer for February

14 days

Percentage of valuations received within 5 days


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NFI Online Top Tips:

How do I submit an inter-family sale case?
Please be aware that all Genuine Bargain Price cases and sales to a family member must be submitted via paper application. We are unable to accept business via NFI Online for these cases.

If you are unsure how your case should be submitted, please refer to our website.

If you have any queries, please contact our sales support team on 0845 601 0763.

Can I post case requirements/proofs to your service centre?
Please submit all case requirements via our scan and attach facility.

Your case may be delayed if case requirements are posted to our service centres.
If you do not have access to a scanner, documents may be
faxed to us using the cover sheet provided in NFI Online.

New quick polls
Last week, we trialled running a quick poll on the NFI Website. We asked "Do you think the base rate will change this week?" and 80.9% of you correctly predicted there would be no change to the BBR.

And finally
If you have any queries please
visit our help page or contact us on the following numbers:

If you have not yet submitted a full mortgage application, call our Sales Support team on:
0845 601 0763
Choose option 4 for help with the
NFI Online system.

If you have submitted a full application, call our New Business department on:
0845 609 3421