How the Client's Loan-to-Value (LTV) Affects the Loan Size

The tables below show the maximum lending limits dependent upon the circumstances of the application. Please note: LTVs are tiered and the tables show the maximum LTVs if products are available at that LTV and purchase price/value. If more than one LTV limit detailed below is applicable to your application, the lowest LTV shall apply.

Please ensure you refer to the current product interest rates as product LTV restrictions apply. Products may not always be available up to the maximum LTV limits in the table below.

The maximum LTV can also be affected by:

Maximum LTV
Maximum loan size

*Loans above £1m are only available for products with £0 product fees.

New Build maximum loan:

  • Houses £750,000 at 85% LTV and £1,000,000 at 80% LTV
  • Flats £1,000,000 at 75% LTV

Please contact our large loans unit on 0800 464 3001 before submitting any cases over £500k.

Repayment Type LTV limits

Max LTV for
new customers
Max LTV for
existing customers moving

*Exceptions may apply for existing customers porting their mortgage. For further information please call 0800 545 3131.

Property Type LTV limits

Schemes/ New builds/ Second properties Maximum LTV Restrictions
Shared ownership 90% of applicants (new) initial share. Minimum initial share 25%
Subject to product availability restrictions

Maximum Equity Share Loan:
25% builder schemes
If customer is using FHTB loan towards deposit, this will not
count towards minimum 10%
Equity share Dependent on Scheme. Minimum deposit of 5% of full purchase price required Maximum Equity Share Loan:
25% builder schemes
50% Government/Housing Association/Local Authority/ Developer and HCA Co-funded schemes (inc. Help to Buy - Equity Loan Scheme).
Subject to product availability restrictions
If customer is using FHTB loan towards deposit, this will not
count towards minimum 5%
Right to buy Up to 100% of discounted price + Additional funds for legal fees and home improvements
Subject to product availability restrictions
Second properties 85% ^Where there is, or will be on completion, one or more properties in the background, the case must be keyed as a Second Property application, even if the property being purchased will be your client’s main residence. Subject to product availability restrictions
New build flat 75% 'New Build' is defined as a property that has been newly constructed or converted/refurbished (involving major alterations to the fabric of the building, its internal fixtures and fittings and probably its use) and has not been purchased (even if it has been occupied) within two years of its completion. This includes properties being bought off plan.
Please note alterations to a property described as 'refurbished' including the replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, services and windows etc does not fall within the definition of New Build.
New build house 85%
Restricted Resale Price 90% based on the restricted value. Any price restriction must be as a defined percentage of the unrestricted open market value. Not acceptable in conjunction with Shared Ownership, Equity Share Loan or Forces Help to Buy.
Genuine Bargain Price 90% based on the open market value. The discount must be a gift, not a loan, and there must be no conditions attached to it.
The purchase cant be part of a recognised scheme, such as Right to Buy or Shared Ownership.
A deposit is not required unless the loan exceeds our maximum LTV.